Pastor Ken Reporting – Sep 15, 2017

The Kentucky-Tennessee Conference held its 2017 Constituency Session last Sunday here at Madison Campus Church. All the Conference officers were re-elected. For me, the most notable call came at the end from Elder Steve Haley and Doug Hilliard, who retired as treasurer earlier this year. Both men challenged constituents to follow Jesus command to love for one another and have greater unity. That is truly what we all need. Toward that goal there will be a Unity Meeting at 5 p.m. on Sabbath, September 30, at Riverside Chapel Seventh-day Adventist Church. What truly makes this remarkable is that Seventh-day Adventist pastors all over Nashville, both from the KY-TN and South Central Conferences, have planned this meeting and are pleading with our members to join us in uniting for a bigger vision. I truly hope you will join me on September 30 at Riverside Chapel as we “imagine” what God can do we we all unite for His cause!

Last Sabbath Pastor Nacho and I challenged you to lead or be a part of a Campus Group (small group).  We have been thrilled with the response. However, we have realized that our roll-out date of beginning the campus groups on September 23 was too ambitious. We will be starting on September 30 to give all those running small groups time to plan as well as everyone else time to set-up. This also means, if you are inspired to lead a small group it’s not to late to contact myself or Pastor Nacho. If you would like to see what Camps Groups are currently available please click on the link below. You may also sign-up through the link below. Please check back as more groups have yet to be added.

At the beginning of this school year Madison Campus Elementary School principal, Susan Mulraine, notified the board that at the end of the school year her family would be moving and the move would make it impossible for her to continue as principal after this school year. Mrs. Mulraine is a language arts specialist and due to Madison Academy’s urgent need for an English teacher and the fact that two extremely qualified candidates were available for the principal position at MCE, Mrs. Mulraine graciously agreed to accept a transfer to teach at Madison Academy for the remainder of the year.
On Wednesday, after interviews, discussion and many prayers the MCE board voted to offer the position to Martin Sutton.  He has accepted and will begin his work in October. Mr. Sutton has been involved in education and youth work his whole life.  He is familiar to many in our community for his work at Indian Creek Camp from 2005-2014.  He is trained in Montessori education and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, a Masters in Outdoor Education from Southern Adventist University and is just completing his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Capella University.
He has taught students from preK-through Academy levels and has experience in marketing, recruitment and public relations at the Elementary and high school levels as well.  His most recent placement was as Vice Principal of Georgia-Cumberland Academy.  His educational background and knowledge are bolstered by his familiarity with the Madison Community, he is an alumnus of Madison Campus and Madison Academy.
A special ten week Sabbath school class for those who are new to Madison Campus Church (MCC) begins September 30 (please note the beginning date has been changed to concide with our small group launch). The class provides information on the history of MCC, its ministries, ways to give and receive information, opportunities for service, and a review of fundamental Theological beliefs. While the class is designed for newcomers those who have been here a long while are more than welcome to join. If you are interested please respond to this email so that we can put you on the list!
I have the pleasure of teaching the Religion class at Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia. Every year one of the first discussions I begin with is the question of “what is truth.” That truly is the ultimate question. What we believe is truth influences how we live. Pilate made the mistake of asking the question found in John 18:38without waiting for the answer. To often we are guilty of doing the same thing. We don’t take the time to listen to “The Truth, the Life, the Way.” I hope you are making time to be still and listen so that God can guide you into all truth.
Don’t forget to live our mission statement to love God, love people, and serve the world!
God’s blessings,

Ken Wetmore
Senior Pastor

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