Pastor Ken Reporting – Nov 10, 2017

To all our veteran’s I want to say, thank you so much for your service and happy Veteran’s Day. This Saturday is Veteran’s Day and we will be having a special church service put together and run by veteran’s in our congregation. I know you will be blessed.

One Big Thing

At the October 28 Imagine Nashville event, we challenged people to have Thanksgiving Dinner with a family whose cultural background was different than their own.  While this might be an exciting and welcome idea, we realize that it can be difficult to know who to invite and how to go about doing so outside of an event like Imagine Nashville.  If you missed the opportunity to make a connection at our last event, but would still love to have dinner with a new friend, we want to help make that happen for you.  Please sign up by calling our church office (615-866-4776) or emailing by November 18, and your family will be paired with another family to have dinner together.  We’ll let you work out the details with those you are paired with, but please provide your name, address, phone number, number of family members, and cultural background so that we can pair you with a family that lives close to you, if at all possible.  From there, we encourage you to find some time to eat together with them anytime during this holiday season.  We are so excited by what the Holy Spirit is doing in Nashville.  Let’s continue to see each other for who we really are, to make deeper connections, and to glorify God through our relationships.

I also want to say thank you to all those who made our church a wonderful venue for the Imagine Nashville Rally on October 28. I had many guests come up to me and say what a friendly church this is and how welcome they felt here. Thanks to Abner Fuentes, Edita Fuentes, Denise Pope, Jane Ziesmar, Kris Fuentes, and Angela Estrada who worked hard to have all our parking lots, entrances, and hallways covered with greeters. Thanks also to our minister of music, Daniel Bondaczuk for the great music and to all those who volunteered and participated. I think the evening was a huge success.

Devotional Thought

Remind the believers to submit to the government and its officers. They should be obedient, always ready to do what is good.
Titus 3:1 (NLT)

The recent hit movie, Hacksaw Ridge, brought public attention to Seventh-day Adventist Desmond Doss. For most Adventist’s, Doss’s story is well known. During World War II he courageously served his country while remembering that he ultimately served a higher power. That meant he walked the fine line between serving in the military but not carrying a weapon and observing the Sabbath.

This Veteran’s Day, Doss’s story is a reminder to us all that we are to submit to our government and to work for the success of the nation in which we live (Jeremiah 29:7). However, his story is also a reminder that we have a higher authority (Acts 5:29). Make sure you thank the Vets in our congregation who have had to walk that fine line. We owe them an enormous debt of gratitude.


Don’t forget to live our mission statement to love God, love people, and serve the world!

God’s blessings,

Ken Wetmore
Senior Pastor

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