Pastor Ken Reporting – December 21, 2018

Wow! It is four days till Christmas. I am looking forward to worshiping with you tomorrow and celebrating the greatest gift ever given. My sermon title is “God with Us.”
This will be the last “Pastor Ken Reporting” (PKR) for 2018 as I am taking next week off. I will resume PKR again the first week of January.
(If you don’t read anything else, read this…and the next one)
One of the highlights of our church’s year is week of prayer. That is coming up January 14-19. Starting Monday evening, the 14th, we will have a light supper followed by an interactive worship. Each member of the pastoral staff will be taking a different night which will be based off our theme for 2019 (I’ll introduce the theme in PKR on January 1). The supper starts at 6:00 pm and the worship thought will begin at 6:45 pm. We will be done every evening by no later than 7:30 pm. Please put this on your calendar as it is a great way to start the year together as a family.
Thank you for the pledges and donations that are rolling in for our church renovation. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this project please do not hesitate to set-up an appointment for me to meet with you.
To donate online toward the renovation, click below and put your gift in the “building fund” category. You may also use the tithe envelopes in the back of the pews and designate your gift for the “building fund.”
Mike Goulet Paul Blankenship Roger Nelson Ken Owen Sandy Benoit
LeAnn Pechonis Nathan Spalding Natalie Simmons Eva Phillips
Arthur Arcinas Naomi Fillman Chris Thompson Mary Bell DeArk Phyllis Cates
Addlyn Harrison Julie Armstrong
Cecilia Garcia Carol Rada Ramsey Jan Young
Gini Medanich Pam Thompson Alberto & Leticia Garcia
As you think about your year-end giving please remember our church budget. We are currently nearly $50,000 behind in order to pay our bills. The church budget supports our youth by subsidizing education at Madison Campus Elementary and Madison Academy, and providing the finances for Vacation Bible School, Pathfinders, and Adventurers. It provides funding for evangelism, outreach, (i.e. Depression Seminars, Block Party, etc.) and service projects like the 403 Center. It provides for the maintenance and upkeep of our church as well as providing for heat, air-conditioning, water, and lights. To donate, click here, and give to the “church budget.” Thank you for your generosity that helps our church fulfill its mission of loving God, loving people, and serving the world.
December 24, Come join us to sing Christmas Carols and hear the Christmas Story from scripture  at 6p.m.
Will be closed December 24-Jan 1, for the holidays. The pastoral staff will be taking time off for the holidays; but if you have an emergency, feel free to contact us. If you are calling, please leave a message as most of us will not be answering the phone in order to spend quality time with our families.
Shoppers at our 403 Center are looking for toys and they are out.  If you need to thin out your toy boxes, help the center and their shoppers with a quick donation please.
God’s desire is for His Church to be called  ‘House of  Prayer” (Is. 56:7; Mt 21:13; Mk 11:17).   And as we have been learning in our Sabbath School lesson, prayer is the  key to know Jesus, to be filled  with the  Holly Spirit, spiritual growth, unity, healing and more… That’s why we feel the need to come together as a church and pray. We’ll be meeting every Wednesday at 6 PM in room 107 or a bigger room if needed. When we pray, wonderful thing happen! Hope to see you there! – Glinda C. Davis, Prayer Ministry Leader
February 8-10,  2019 at ICC – Ralph Ringer, SU Director of Church Growth, and Kieth Noll, Ministerial  Director  of  KY-TN  Conference  will  be  trainers  and hosts.  You will learn how to:  Win Friends for Christ,
Preach  Dynamic Evangelistic  Sermons, Use  Computer Generated  Graphics,  Make Effective Calls and Do Soul Wining Visits.  Remember God has a special assignment for you,  “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15.   Ask your Pastor or Head Elder for  a Registration Form  (for more details and to register) today, and plan to attend this dynamic weekend! Registration deadline is January 24, 2019.
Kentucky-Tennessee Conference is presently seeking a qualified individual for the full-time position of Departmental Administrative Assistant. Submit resume to or For more information, contact Stephen Bralley at, 615-859-1391.
Do you enjoy doing graphic design, taking pictures, writing news articles, shooting and editing video? We are looking for people with these skills to assist our communications team. Please email Justin Sharp to find out how you can help.
Floor Hockey Starts December 30th in the Madison Academy Gymnasium on Sunday mornings.  Bring eye protection, stick and gloves. Email to sign up!  State name of participant, preferred position, age, and skill level for drafting process.
Cost:  $20 for a 13 week season
The Madison Campus Pancake Breakfast is having a gathering at the Adventist Community Service Center on Christmas Eve for our clients this year. We are requesting donations that need not be new, to give the clients that night. Here is a list of suggestions: coats, hats, gloves, socks, underwear(new), blankets, pillows, tents, hand/foot warmers and gift cards to fast food places in the Madison area for $5 or $10, write on the card the amount. Church members are welcome to attend and fellowship with our clients. We will begin at 5:00pm and serve soup and snacks. We will also sing carols after eating and hand out the gifts. If you have any questions, please call David Conrad at 240-461-9872 or Karen Baker at 615-516-8631. Thank you for your help.
We will be having a Community Health Fair in April 2019 and would like to invite all who are willing to participate and help organize to contact me.
First meeting will be after New Years. Luncheon on Sabbath.
Need volunteers to lead in different areas:

Health exams
Food/cooking demonstration
Women’s health advice
Men’s health advice
Pediatric health advice

Barber services
Please contact Sandra Turpen at or 615-578-1416
We, the leaders at Adventist Community Services Center ACSC, wish to thank each of you that have supported us this year with your donations of money, goods, and volunteers.  We now have the commitments from additional people willing to donate their time so that we can, not only, keep Mon, Tue, & Wed operational; but can soon become fully operational on Thursdays as well.  We are extremely grateful for all of our volunteers who have heard God’s call for mission to serve here at ACSC.  Please remember us, in your prayers, and through the remainder of 2018 and also into 2019.  We depend on your continued donations in order to serve the community.


Our card ministry team, led by Glendyle Levinskas, is sending cards to those on our prayer list. If you know someone who should receive a card, but isn’t on our prayer list, please email their name to our church administrator, Mona Huffman, or write their name on one of the prayer cards found in the back of our pews and put it in the offering plate. To those who have been blessed by the CARE Ministry and would like to give back by joining the card ministry, please contact or text Glendyle Levinskas at 865-306-7455  “Loving people through written words of encouragement”
Celebrate Recovery needs additional folks who could help provide child care on Monday evenings.  We have folks attending who need to bring their children with them, and the child care you can provide would go a long way toward their road to recovery.  Even if you can only help in this area one week a month, you would be making a huge impact in the lives of the children as well as the CR attendee. Please contact Dan Davis, 615-202-4839 for more details.
Jan. 19, Feb 2, March 30, April 20, May 25, June 1, June 22, July 27, Aug 3, Sept. 21, Oct. 12, Nov. 9, Dec. 14
Dec. 24:  Christmas Eve Program 6:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary
Dec. 24-Jan 1:  Church Office will be closed
For a detailed calendar of all MCC events click the calendar button.
Christmas According to Kids - Southland Christian Church
By Ellen White from “The Desire of Ages,” pg. 19
“His name shall be called Immanuel, … God with us.” “The light of the knowledge of the glory of God” is seen “in the face of Jesus Christ.” From the days of eternity the Lord Jesus Christ was one with the Father; He was “the image of God,” the image of His greatness and majesty, “the outshining of His glory.” It was to manifest this glory that He came to our world. To this sin-darkened earth He came to reveal the light of God’s love,-to be “God with us.” Therefore it was prophesied of Him, “His name shall be called Immanuel.”
By coming to dwell with us, Jesus was to reveal God both to men and to angels. He was the Word of God,-God’s thought made audible. In His prayer for His disciples He says, “I have declared unto them Thy name,”-“merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abundant in goodness and truth,”-“that the love wherewith Thou hast loved Me may be in them, and I in them.” But not alone for His earthborn children was this revelation given. Our little world is the lesson book of the universe. God’s wonderful purpose of grace, the mystery of redeeming love, is the theme into which “angels desire to look,” and it will be their study throughout endless ages. Both the redeemed and the unfallen beings will find in the cross of Christ their science and their song. It will be seen that the glory shining in the face of Jesus is the glory of self-sacrificing love. In the light from Calvary it will be seen that the law of self-renouncing love is the law of life for earth and heaven; that the love which “seeketh not her own” has its source in the heart of God; and that in the meek and lowly One is manifested the character of Him who dwelleth in the light which no man can approach unto.
Remember to live our mission. Love God. Love people. Serve the world.

God’s blessings,

Pastor Ken

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