Chelsea Inglish

Youth Pastor

Chelsea Inglish is blessed to serve the youth of Madison Campus Church.  She began her ministry as the youth pastor in August, 2015, and has quickly grown to love this community.  She loves singing, public speaking, and hanging out with her youth.

While her official youth pastor ministry began in 2015, Chelsea has been serving in youth ministry since 2003, when she began working at summer camp in Missouri, as a 17-year-old kitchen staff.  God allowed Chelsea to serve at four different summer camps throughout the years—Camp Heritage in Missouri, Timber Ridge Camp in Indiana, Camp Wawona in California, and Camp Waianae in Hawaii—adding up to a total of ten summers!  While she was a camp counselor, she first felt God’s call to work specifically with teenagers.

Unsure of how God’s call would play out in her life, Chelsea eventually graduated from Southern with a degree in English/Secondary Education, believing she would serve God and teens by teaching her favorite subject.  But a year off from college spent working as a task force chaplain at Georgia Cumberland Academy began to feed a different desire—to be an academy chaplain.  God closed the doors to teaching English, and instead opened a door to serve as a task force assistant chaplain/youth pastor at Upper Columbia Academy, working with none other than Pastor Ken, in Washington state.  A few years later, Chelsea was able to serve as the full time chaplain and Bible teacher at Sacramento Adventist Academy in California.  After two years there, Chelsea was called to serve at Madison Campus Church in a new role—full time youth pastor.  In 2016, she began her master’s degree in Religious Studies at Southern Adventist University, taking summer intensives that allow her to study while continuing to work at Madison.

Chelsea’s greatest desire is that her youth fall in love with Jesus and spend their lives loving God, loving people, and serving the world.