God is infinite in majesty and power. Yet, when He came in human form, He didn't try to intimidate or overwhelm people with a show of majesty and power. Instead, He sat down among them and conversed with them. He even invited their questions. As a matter of fact, Jesus taught some of his most important truths while reclining at tables, eating supper with His audiences. The small group "Conversations About God" will be based on the book by the same title. It features such conversations by Graham Maxwell with Louis Venden, edited by Jon Paulien. These conversations offer another look at our heavenly Father in the larger setting of a universe-wide conflict over His character and government. This small group will be meeting for 12 weeks starting Wednesday February 7 from 6-8 pm until Wednesday April 24 at the home of John and Cindy Boskind.

We look forward to the conversing with you!

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Meet the Leaders of Conversations About GodJohn and Cindy Boskind

John and Cindy have been married 27 years and have 3 young adult children.  John is a General Surgeon and Cindy is a full-time homemaker and part-time Family Physician.  They have been active members at Madison Campus Church for many years.  They love God and want to know Him and his word better every day.  They consider it a privilege and an encouragement to walk this road with other people at every stage of the journey.